Seasonal Foods

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Treat yourself to fresh seafood, agricultural goods and homemade foods. The following are several varieties of delicious foods available in Iwaki.


Iwaki Strawberries
Blessed with sunshine, strawberries are rich in vitamin C. Strawberries are typical Iwaki produce, available from winter through to spring. They are available from November at the earliest.
French Beans
Due to the comparatively cool climate in summer, Iwaki French beans sold at Tokyo and Yokohama markets have gained a reputation for being the best quality in Japan. Iwaki French Beans are fresh slim beans, which snap easily leaving no fibre.
Iwaki Pears
Iwaki pears grown in the summer sunshine are famous for their sweet flavour and crisp texture. Pear picking at several orchards around Iwaki is a popular past time among sightseeing visitors.


Large catches of bonitos are hauled at Nakanosaku, Onahama and other nearby fishing ports. They are soon delivered to restaurants and hotels so you can enjoy an assortment of fresh bonito dishes.
Matsutake Mushroom Gathering
Recently, imported Matsutake mushrooms have joined the domestic market and have become readily available. However, nothing can match Japanese mushrooms in scent and appearance. Matsutake mushroom gathering can be enjoyed in theTamayama and Shiraiwa areas of Yotsukura Town.

Sanma (pacific saury) Sashimi
In late October, a large school of pacific sauries migrate south from the Kurile Islands to Shioyazaki to spawn. Only the freshest pacific sauries are eaten raw as sashimi and autumn is the best season for this.

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